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While you are diligently working for a better world, choose Greater for Good to help you quantify and communicate the difference your organization is making. We call it impact revelation because it reveals to the world the greatness you do. We leverage existing impact measures or help you define new ones, and then design custom infographics for your website or print that gives partners and prospective donors instant understanding of why your work matters and is worthy of their support. When your impact is shown, it becomes known, enabling you to grow your capacity for good!


Data is requisite for measuring and communicating the impact of your organization’s work. While many mission-driven organizations are accustomed to providing data to meet reporting requirements, they often fail to harness the power of data to improve their programming, fine-tune their operations, and reveal their collective organizational impact. Data is an asset to be managed. Greater for Good helps you identify your data needs and defines a data strategy to ensure you can access the data you need when you need it.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Achieving greatness isn’t accidental. You need a well-defined mission, clear goals, and a smart strategy that delivers attainment. Greater for Good uses proven strategy models and facilitation to enable you to formulate a mission-centric strategy that helps you realistically make a more positive impact. We not only facilitate the strategic planning process, we can also provide the project planning and management to transform strategy from talk into action and achievement. This offering is typically scoped to the entirety of an organization, but can be scaled down, if appropriate.

Program Definition and Implementation

When you discover a new way to further your cause, call on us to help you design your new program for sustainability and measurable effectiveness. Greater for Good works with you to identify the program concept, mission alignment, expected outcomes, and impact measures. We conduct research, if desired, to identify programmatic best practices, and potential funding sources related to the new program. Additionally, we offer program implementation services that identify the tasks and individuals required to make the program a reality, and we provide the oversight for successful task execution. Go ahead and grow! We’ll prevent the growing pains.

Organizational Assessment and Process Re-engineering

Your resources are precious. Make the most of them by replacing wasteful workflows with performance-boosting practices. We provide an objective analysis of your organizational health that identifies your strengths and how to eliminate your weaknesses. Greater for Good also provides process mapping to document and refine existing practices. While organizational assessments are typically scoped to the full organization, if appropriate, Greater for Good can scale the scope to accommodate only one or multiple areas of your organization.

Interim Leadership / Fractional Staffing

Should you find your organization in a leadership lurch, Greater for Good provides you the experienced professional you need to keep your organization running, developing, and thriving until your executive search is complete. When you need to expand your capacity but aren’t ready to hire full-time staff, add talent to your team via Greater for Good’s fractional staffing. You will see how a little talent can go a long way to advancing your cause.

Meeting Planning and Facilitation

Get the most from your meetings via a trained facilitator who sets clear objectives, keeps discussions on track, and enables you to identify and take the next steps to advancement. Using active listening and mediation principles, Greater for Good facilitation elicits the wisdom or your group and achieves consensus when needed. Whether defining your strategy or designing your staff retreat, we’re here to enable your success.

Keynote Addresses

Greater for Good’s Founder & President Darla Marburger got her start behind the microphone announcing little league baseball games at age 12. Since that time, she has used public speaking to earn scholarships, emcee events, advocate for education, and motivate groups and individuals to engage in positive change. Her audiences have included the U.S. Congress, national and state associations, and community organizations. In every instance, she appreciates the opportunity to touch hearts through spoken word.

What People Say About Us

“Government agencies don’t always change readily or embrace new concepts happily. On multiple occasions, I watched with excitement as Darla helped introduce new ideas, technologies, and approaches to well-established bureaucracies – with articulate proposals, with clarification of complexities, with quality delivery of services, and, honestly, with an infectious cheerfulness. For more than 7 years she was an excellent teacher, colleague, and consultant with whom I was honored to work alongside.”
Joe R

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