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We want to be the hidden engine that enables you to climb and clear the challenges to fulfill your mission. That starts with our listening to you about your organization’s mission and the impediments to its pursuit. Greater for Good works collaboratively to define your challenge and deliver a solution tailored to your unique needs. We work with proven partners, when needed, to ensure we provide the expertise your challenges demand.

What People Say About Us

“Through her rare inspiration, wisdom, amiability, and grit, Darla has organized philanthropic projects that strengthen communities, unify individuals and organizations, and build trust among diverse partners.”

– Shannon T.



Kindness and respect are the creeds at Greater for Good fueled by a deep appreciation and belief that there are great talent and goodness in each individual and in each organization.


We are committed to being honest and doing what is right in every situation every time so we can earn and keep your trust and confidence, and ours, too.

Passion for Mission

Our passion for enabling mission-driven organizations to have a greater, positive impact in the world empowers us to tackle our clients’ barriers to advancement. When we share our clients’ passion for their mission, work is a true joy!


We strive always to be our best and deliver the highest quality services and work products. Excellence is not just a value, it’s our standard.

Meet the Founder

Darla Marburger
Darla Marburger

President & Founder

Darla Marburger enjoys finding and embracing opportunities to amplify good. For 25 years, she has served as a trusted adviser and collaborator, providing strategic direction for social change. In 2019, Darla left corporate consulting to redirect her professional experience and skills to the success of philanthropic, nonprofit, and public sector organizations through her consultancy Greater for Good.

In addition to 12 years in corporate consulting, Darla’s experience includes 10 years of crafting and implementing education policy for state and federal government, six years serving on the board of a family nonprofit, and decades managing projects and teams as a professional and volunteer leader. Darla led a 12-member team in the landmark achievement of every state having an approved plan holding U.S. schools accountable for student proficiency in reading, writing, and math—an honor that earned her a visit with the President at the White House.

Darla has experience in small and large-scale grant making. During her stint as Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of Education, she oversaw 15 grant programs awarding $20 billion annually for educational improvement nationwide. She also served as a grant reviewer for United Way’s Community Impact Grants in Alexandria, Virginia.

A trained facilitator via Leadership Strategies, Darla has spent hundreds of hours facilitating strategic planning for small and large organizations. She takes great satisfaction in bringing together people of divergent views to arrive at a common vision and the objectives to get there. She considers it the highest compliment when her workshop participants say, “You get it! You understand who we are and why what we do is important.” From there, the possibilities are endless.

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