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Our Mission

Mission-driven organizations labor for a brighter world. Greater for Good helps them reach it. Our mission is to amplify the work of philanthropic, nonprofit, and public sector organizations by leveraging their data so they can increase their impact and tell people about it in a quantifiable iconic way we call impact revelation. We facilitate positive and lasting change to help you be more effective in fulfilling your mission, and to ensure your success is shown and known.

How We Help

Making Your Mission

Whether defining your mission, struggling with mission fidelity, or simply striving to strategically show your impact, Greater for Good helps you ensure your organization’s efforts advance you in your true mission. Select services include impact revelation, strategic planning, and program definition.

Optimizing Operations

Work smarter. We find opportunities for organizational improvement, and help fuel your mission with data to strengthen programming, operations, and fundraising. We can also fill the gap when you need more talent. Select services include data strategy, organizational assessment, interim leadership, and fractional staffing.

Facilitating Advancement

We help you unleash the thought leadership within your organization. For gatherings small or large we are your strategic partner for planning and facilitating meetings so your desired outcomes are realized, and your participants are glad they came. Select services include meeting planning, facilitation, and keynote addresses.

Why Choose Us?

Your success is paramount to our mission. We work with you to ensure your organization’s success is shown and known so partners, individual donors, and major funders want to contribute to your results—that’s the power of impact revelation. We only engage in opportunities with you when we are confident that we can tackle your challenges and further your cause. We provide you with decades of professional experience and are as much about implementing positive change as we are helping you define your forward path, and communicating your impact. We consider each engagement to be a partnership with our clients that provides them solutions tailored to their unique circumstances. Professional, personable, pragmatic, and proven, we deliver results for lasting change that make your organization greater for good.

How It All Works

Greater for Good lends strength to your cause, customizing its solutions to the needs of your organization. Through active listening, we help you articulate your specific needs and work with you to craft and implement a solution that advances the good you do. It all starts with an initial consultation at no cost to you.
How can I get a free consultation?

Just click on “Let’s Talk” near the top of this page and complete the “Get in Touch” form. Be sure to include a message introducing your organization and why you are seeking consulting services, and then click “send”. A Greater for Good consultant will contact you to schedule a consultation and will ask your preferences for the duration (30 or 60 minutes) and method (in-person, video, or phone).

What can I expect from a free consultation?

The initial consultation is an opportunity for you to share your organizational needs and concerns and get a sense of how Greater for Good can help you. This candid conversation starts with introductions and flows into a series of questions that allow the Greater for Good consultant to learn about your organization, its challenges, the timeline for which you are seeking support, and your desired outcomes. You should come to the consultation with the questions you need answering to determine whether Greater for Good provides the right fit for you. In the end, the consultant will provide a verbal summary of how Greater for Good can serve you and will identify the next steps for engaging our services.

What is active listening and why is it a vital element Greater for Good’s approach to providing services?
Greater for Good knows that serving your organization in the best way possible starts with gaining a deep understanding of it. We acquire that knowledge through active listening – hearing what is said, comprehending it, responding in a way that confirms understanding, and then retaining the information. The result is that we truly learn about your organization, not just for a moment, but for the duration of our partnership. Because we respond in a manner that lets you know we grasped what you were communicating, both you and Greater for Good can be confident that our work will advance your cause.
Are your services limited to those listed on this site?
No. There are many ways we can help your mission-driven organization. Only our most common services are listed on this website. If you are in need of specific assistance not listed here, please go to the bottom of this page and send a message asking if we provide such services. If we do, we’ll invite you to schedule a free consultation. If it is a service we don’t provide, we’ll let you know and may even refer you to social impact consultants we know who provide such services. You have nothing to lose, and only good to gain by asking.

What People Say About Us

“Serve a Village had the good fortune of crossing paths with Darla when she joined one of our volunteer expeditions to South Africa eight years ago. Her professionalism, love of service and can-do attitude led us to invite her to join our board. As a member of the board, Darla has patiently taught and led us in correct practices, helped us to focus on our mission, and served with compassion and vision. She has taken significant initiative to implement projects and to put policies and procedures in place that provide the structure we need to help us grow to become a more impactful organization. As a group, we look to Darla to keep us on track and to set our course for the future!”
Alisa Cozzens

Vice Chair of the Board, Serve a Village

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