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Greater for Good is the only consultancy that offers nonprofits the services of a fractional chief impact officer (CIO), providing them with executive-level expertise without their having to bear the cost of a full-time executive. Our fractional CIO affords you a professional dedicated to advancing the impact of your mission-driven organization on a part-time basis when your budget or workload does not support hiring a full-time executive. The part-time CIO works with you to measure, monitor, and report your impact in a way that attracts donors and volunteers, informs services, and frees you and your staff to work on programming, fundraising, and advancing your organization’s mission.

We contract with multiple nonprofits simultaneously, working part-time with each to provide the strategic direction and focus needed to determine the difference each nonprofit is making, and providing guidance on how to sustain and grow its impact.

"How is my organization making a difference?"

That is the big question that nonprofit executives, donors, and volunteers want to have answered. The more specific the answer, the better it is for many reasons. Donors like to understand what work their contributions have made possible—specific impacts in a person’s life, a community, the environment, or whatever the chosen cause in which they have invested. While funders do not anticipate a profit from awarding grants, they do expect a return on their investment in terms of a positive, measurable impact. Growing organizations that do not yet have a CIO fully dedicated to answering this question, nor the budget to hire one, may want to consider adding a fractional CIO to their team.

Greater for Good offers your small- to mid-size nonprofit fractional CIO services, providing expertise in defining, measuring and communicating the difference you are making in your target community, thereby enabling you to garner increased funding and manpower, and operate more effectively.

Measuring and sharing your nonprofit’s impact gives its:

  • Current donors a reason to keep giving, and the satisfaction of knowing their gifts are transformational
  • Current volunteers a reason to continue serving, an understanding of the collective impact their organization has, and the joy of knowing they are a part of making it happen
  • Future grantors, donors, and volunteers confidence that your organization is worthy of their time and investment
  • Your nonprofit staff invaluable insights for making internal adjustments in operations and programming to advance the organization’s mission


Why Do Nonprofits Need Fractional CIO Services?

As the number of nonprofits rises, funders have a more challenging responsibility to select organizations that will succeed in bringing about their desired change. They want their social investments to yield a sure and positive return. They require their grantees to report what a program does, what difference it is expected to make, and the progress it is making toward achieving its goals. While 76 percent of nonprofit executives in the United States say that increasing the effectiveness of impact measurement is a high priority, only 29 percent of nonprofits do so successfully, largely because they lack the staff or systems needed to measure impact. (Source: Connecting Dollars to Outcomes).

Greater for Good works with nonprofits to address both gaps – a lack of staff with the expertise and bandwidth to provide solid impact reports, and the absence of an impact measurement system.  Nonprofits that engage Greater for Good’s fractional CIO services get the time, knowledge, counsel, and skills of a chief impact officer without straining the budget with the salary and benefits required for hiring a full-time executive. It’s a great solution for a nonprofit that prioritizes impact, but may not yet have the budget or workload for a full-time CIO.

Fractional CIO Services are a great fit for your nonprofit if it:
  • Wants to adopt more effective impact measurement practices, but has not yet made it a priority to do so
  • Does not have a staff member who is fully dedicated to identifying, sharing, and growing your organization’s impact
  • Lacks the budget or workload to justify hiring a full-time CIO
How We Partner for Your Success

Providing Impact Leadership

Greater for Good works with you to define, measure, monitor, and share your impact so you can get and keep more sustaining donors and volunteers. Get a fractional chief impact officer to get top-notch impact leadership and services without stressing your budget.

Optimizing Operations

We work with you to get the data you need to make wise decisions regarding operations, organizational improvement, programming, fundraising, and more, using our Decisions with Precision Process, giving you greater effectiveness and efficiency in advancing your mission. Select services include impact measurement and reporting, data driven decisions enablement, data strategy, and organizational assessment and process re-engineering.

Facilitating Advancement

We help you unleash the thought leadership within your organization. For gatherings small or large, we are your strategic partner for planning and facilitating meetings so that your desired outcomes are realized, and your participants are glad they came. Select services include meeting planning, facilitation, strategic planning, program definition, team building, and keynote addresses.

Why Choose Us?

Only Greater for Good offers nonprofits the services of a factional chief impact officer (CIO). We work with you to ensure your organization’s success is shown and known so partners, individual donors, and major funders want to contribute to your results, and your staff knows how to hone your approach. We provide you with decades of professional experience and consider each engagement to be a partnership with our clients. Professional, personable, pragmatic, and proven, we deliver results for lasting change that make your organization greater for good.

How It All Works

Greater for Good adds strength to your cause, customizing its solutions to the needs of your organization. It all starts with a discovery call at no cost to you. We listen to your specific needs, and work with you to craft and implement a solution that advances the good you do.

How can I get a free discovery call?

Just click on “Let’s Talk” near the top of this page and complete the “Get in Touch” form. Include a message introducing your organization and why you are seeking consulting services, and then click “send.” A Greater for Good consultant will contact you to schedule a consultation.

What can I expect from a discovery call?

The initial consultation via a discovery call is an opportunity for you to share your organization’s needs and concerns and get a sense of how Greater for Good can work with you to address them. We will talk about your desired outcomes and the timeline by which you want to achieve them. We will answer your questions about working with Greater for Good, and will identify the next steps for engaging our services.

How do I get a fractional Chief Impact Officer?

Following your discovery call, Greater for Good will schedule an impact review – a preliminary consultation to determine the specific services the fractional CIO will need to provide over the next 6 to 12 months. Prior to the impact review, your organization will be asked to complete a set of questions to reveal your current approach to impact and any gaps that need to be addressed. Then the fractional CIO will meet with you to discuss your responses, and propose a plan of service to meet your specific impact needs. To learn more, schedule a free discovery call.

Are your services limited to those listed on this site?

No. There are many ways we can help your mission-driven organization. Only our most common offerings are listed on this website. If you are in need of specific services not listed here, please go to the bottom of this page and send a message asking if we provide such offerings. If we do, we’ll invite you to schedule a free discovery call. If it is a service we don’t provide, we’ll refer you to social impact consultants we know who do. You have nothing to lose, and only good to gain by asking.

What People Say About Us

“Serve a Village had the good fortune of crossing paths with Darla when she joined one of our volunteer expeditions to South Africa 8 years ago.  Her professionalism, love of service and can-do attitude led to us invite her to join our board.  As a member of the board, Darla has patiently taught and lead us in correct practices, helped us to focus on our mission, and served with compassion and vision.  She has taken significant initiative to implement projects and to put policies and procedures in place that provide the structure we need to help us grow to become a more impactful organization. As a group, we look to Darla to keep us on track and to set our course for the future!”

Alisa Cozzens

Vice Chair on the Board, Serve a Villiage

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